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NoBreaks-RotoKiller split

FLB-127 No/Breaks RotoKiller Split 7"
Two Michigan bands playing classic style hardcore.
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RotoKiller (vinyl and both bands tracks)

No/Breaks (tracks only)


Minus9 Valley CD

FLB-126 Minus9 – Valley of the Sick & the Stupid CD

Minus9 Drown CD

FLB-125 Minus9 – Drown CD

Minus9 Cassette

FLB-128 Minus9 – First 6 years cassette
Get the first two albums, "non-ignorable kill" and "Drown", plus the "Choose Death" EP on one cassette.
52 minutes of classic Minus9!

FLB-124 Minus9 – non-ignorable kill CD (SOLD OUT)

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